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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Signs Renewable Natural Gas Bill into Law

Washington Governor Jay Inslee officially signed into law a bill that will encourage the increased production of renewable natural gas (RNG) as an energy source for Washington State. HB 2580 passed the Legislature earlier this month. Nearly unanimous legislative backing for the bill signals strong interest in and support for further development and adoption of this renewable energy resource.

Biogas is currently collected at landfills, waste water treatment plants and some agricultural operations, where it is either burned to generate electricity or simply flared. HB 2580 will encourage RNG expansion through tax incentives and a suite of other tools including an inventory of potential RNG supply and associated costs; voluntary gas quality standards for injecting RNG into the natural gas system, and additional policy recommendations to promote RNG development.

The Northwest Gas Association (NWGA) supported the Governor’s signing of HB 2580.

“The Northwest Gas Association (NWGA) thanks Governor Inslee for seeking this important measure, and Rep. Jeff Morrisfor being its champion through the legislative process,” said NWGA Executive Director, Dan Kirschner. “NWGA members look forward to supplying this clean, green energy resource to consumers across the Northwest via the region’s safe and reliable natural gas delivery system.”