The Transport Project is the North American organization dedicated to the ongoing development of a growing, profitable, and sustainable marketplace for gaseous fuels and fleets.


The Transport Project is a national coalition of roughly 200 fleets, vehicle and engine manufacturers, servicers and suppliers, and fuel producers and providers dedicated to the decarbonization of North America’s transportation sector.
Through the increased use of gaseous motor fuels including renewable natural gas and hydrogen, the United States and Canada can achieve ambitious climate goals and greatly improve air quality safely, reliably, and effectively without delay and without compromising existing commercial business operations.


North America’s fleets run safely, reliably, and effectively on clean, renewable fuels.


To serve as the national voice advancing the growth and deployment of practical, clean, gaseous fuels for transportation.


We advance our industry and serve our members by:
  • Advocating for fair and effective legislation and regulations
  • Informing and educating about the availability, use and benefits of clean gaseous fuels and vehicles
  • Continually improving safety through sensible codes, standards, and practices
  • Collaborating and convening across the transportation industry

Why RNG?

Renewable natural gas vehicles are sustainable, powerful, ready now, and affordable.


Voice Heard
Have your voice heard
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Seat at the Table

Have your views heard as the industry navigates a challenging public policy and regulatory environment.

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One-on-One Support

Experienced staff works directly with members to assist on issues that support your business operations.

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Industry Committees

Participation in committee efforts to tackle key initiatives – State and Federal Advocacy, Technology and Sustainability, Communications and Marketing, Virtual Pipelining.

Get Connected
Get connected
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Market Trends & Industry Collaterals

Access to industry information and promotional reports that assist in sales, business development, and safety practices.

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Fueling Infrastructure Report

Quarterly report on fueling infrastructure in the U.S. that includes up-to-date lists of stations, contact information, and accessibility.

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Business Directory

Directory of TTP members dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services.

Stay Informed
Stay Informed
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Policy Portal

Access to members-only comprehensive state-by-state data covering vehicles, fueling stations, taxes, incentives, grant opportunities, and legislation.

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Newsletter & President’s Report

Aggregate of top gaseous fuel-related news items delivered weekly by email; bimonthly report by TTP chief executive highlighting organization activities and key industry developments and headlines.

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Annual Industry Summit & Networking Forums

The Transport Project is the convening voice of the gaseous fuel industry, and members take part in special events that bring industry leaders together several times a year.

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Putting more gaseous-fueled vehicles on the road by

Leading public policy and regulatory initiatives at the state, regional, and federal levels.

Communicating the value of gaseous fuels to policymakers, media, and consumers through fact-based discussions.

Developing common industry standards and best practices for the safe, efficient, and reliable operation of gaseous-fueled vehicles.

Convening industry leaders to develop strategies that encourage a strong and growing marketplace and build business-to-business relationships.


The Transport Project Member Directory

TTP companies represent the entire value chain of the gaseous fuel transportation industry:
  • Fleets
  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Engine, powertrain, and fuel system manufacturers
  • Equipment and service suppliers
  • Vehicle dealers, upfitters, and modifiers
  • Geologic and renewable natural gas (RNG) producers and operators
  • Hydrogen fuel producers, distributors, and operators
  • Station operators and developers; fuel marketers and providers
  • High horsepower application users, including rail, marine, construction, and agriculture
  • Industry trade association partners and Clean Cities and Communities coalitions

Join The Transport Project today!

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