The Transport Project is the North American organization dedicated to the ongoing development of a growing, profitable, and sustainable marketplace for gaseous fuels and fleets.


The Transport Project is a national coalition of roughly 200 fleets, vehicle and engine manufacturers, servicers, and suppliers, and fuel producers and providers dedicated to the decarbonization of North America’s transportation sector.

Through the increased use of gaseous motor fuels including renewable natural gas and hydrogen, the United States and Canada can achieve ambitious climate goals and greatly improve air quality safely, reliably, and effectively without delay and without compromising existing commercial business operations.


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North America’s fleets run safely, reliably, and effectively on clean, renewable fuels.


To serve as the national voice advancing the growth and deployment of practical, clean, gaseous fuels for transportation.


We advance our industry and serve our members by:

Advocating for fair and effective legislation and regulations

Informing and educating about the availability, use and benefits of clean gaseous fuels and vehicles

Continually improving safety through sensible codes, standards, and practices

Collaborating across the transportation industry

Our team

Matthew Brownlee, Director, Federal Government Affairs

Jeffrey Clarke, Secretary
The Transport Project, VP, Regulatory & Government Affairs and General Counsel

Daniel Gage, President, The Transport Project

Sherrie Merrow, Director, State Government Affairs

Rochelle Neal, Manager, Finance, Operations & Member Solutions

Paul Sandsted, Director, Technology & Sustainability

The Transport Project Achievement Awards

The Transport Project recognizes national innovators and early adopters for their outstanding efforts to advance natural gas as a transportation fuel.