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The race to zero is on.

RNG achieves carbon negative transportation today. Join us.

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Achieve cleaner air and decarbonized miles today with an RNG-fueled fleet

NGV vehicles are proven, durable, scalable, and in operation on our roadways today. NGVs are cost effective, with far lower incremental costs over diesel than electric or hydrogen options still in development.

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), or biogas, is gas produced from methane emitted through the decomposition of agricultural waste, food waste, forest management waste, wastewater sludge, and garbage.

As a drop-in fuel for existing natural gas vehicle technology, RNG is an evolving, inclusive, long-term, no regret solution with immediate impact.

NGVs provide immediate emissions improvement – both in terms of criteria pollutants and carbon. Reductions made today have cumulative impact for your fleet later.


Cost Effective Clean

Fleets fueling with natural gas can realize significant fuel cost savings relative to traditional motor fuels.

Natural gas is a domestic, conflict-free fuel with stable and consistent pricing and a nationwide network of fuelers and established suppliers.

Natural gas trucks are U.S. EPA and CARB certified for sale and operation in every U.S. state.  NGVs already meet new stricter Clean Trucks Plan emissions standards recently proposed by U.S. EPA.

Significantly decarbonize your fleet footprint today with RNG.  Get more clean trucks on the road and have a greater environmental impact with RNG.

More Trucks, Greater Emission Reductions with RNG



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Note: LFG = landfill gas, or renewable natural gas (RNG) produced from landfill waste. BE = battery electric vehicle. GHG reduction figures in tons. Criteria pollutant (NOx, PM2.5, VOC) reduction figures in pounds. The well-to-wheel (WTW) reductions for criteria pollutants and GHG emissions including benefits associated with landfill gas were calculated utilizing Argonne National Laboratory’s AFLEET tool. GHG emission reduction figures will improve dramatically when refueling with RNG derived from agricultural waste. Further, this is a conservative comparison because it assumes BEVs are a 1:1 replacement for diesel which is often not the case.


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NGVAmerica Fleet Academy

Professional Development Curriculum

Learn from NGV industry faculty experts how RNG-fueled vehicles are an affordable and practical solution to lower fuel costs and reduce emissions impact, how to accurately spec vehicles based on application and need, fueling options, the importance of team training, service and maintenance schedules, safety considerations and best practices as well as insights from fleets already converting to natural gas.

NGVs 101: Exploring Options & Understanding Impact explores sustainability and shares why NGVs have become the most affordable, practical, and cost-effective alternative for heavy-duty trucking. Comparisons of range, efficiency, vehicle availability, costs and return on investment, and clean air and carbon emission impact considerations across diesel, electric, and natural gas options are addressed.

NGVs 102: First Steps to Transition focuses on training, service and maintenance, and facility considerations as well as how to appropriately spec natural gas engines, vehicles, and equipment to meet individual fleet needs. Incentive funding opportunities are also covered.

NGVs 103: Fueling, Infrastructure & Best Practices focuses on fueling options and infrastructure – fast fill versus time fill and private versus public access stations. System resiliency, redundancy, and safety and best practice considerations are also highlighted.

NGVs 104: Lessons from the Road; Hear from Fleets provides new and prospective fleets insight from adopters of all sizes on lessons learned, challenges overcome, and results achieved in their transition to natural gas fleeting.

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Clean Energy Fuels Corp. is the country’s largest provider of renewable natural gas (RNG). Produced from organic waste, RNG is the cleanest fuel for the transportation market.



Shell Energy has the resources and vision to meet the evolving energy needs of customers today and tomorrow, working toward a better energy future.



NGVi is North America’s leading training provider on natural gas vehicles and fueling.  We deliver courses for every audience on-demand, live virtual and live-in-person.

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New Jersey Natural Gas

New Jersey Natural Gas has been a leader in environmentally friendly transportation since 1990. Our NGV Advantage consultants can help you determine which technologies best fit your needs, budget and sustainability goals.

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U.S. Gain is a leader in the development and distribution of alternative fuel and renewable thermal energy. Over the past ten years, we've diversified throughout the renewable natural gas supply chain, becoming vertically integrated to provide the cleanest fuel and energy at the best value.