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Natural Gas vs. Diesel: Heavy-Duty Math

It can be hard to comprehend the magnitude of the impact that our aging diesel fleets have on our environment and our atmosphere. Here’s some heavy-duty math to help put it in perspective. Replacing 1 traditional diesel-burning heavy-duty truck with 1 new Ultra Low-NOx natural gas heavy-duty truck is the emissions equivalent of removing 119 traditional combustion engine cars off our roads.* And, unlike trucks and buses, passenger vehicles sit idle 95% of the time. Heavy-duty also means heavy usage.

That’s right, 119 cars off our roads. That’s a bigger net positive environmental impact than converting 119 traditional combustion engine cars to electric. And we don’t have to wait 25 years for viable options for heavy-duty electric trucks to finally arrive. Natural gas is the immediate answer to drive positive change in cleaning up our fleets.

Clean. Efficient. Available. Natural Gas is Now. #CleanFleetMonth