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Electric vs. Diesel vs. RNG: Carbon Intensity of Transportation Fuels

There are many reasons why on-road use of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) has reached all-time highs. Proven, affordable natural gas vehicle technology is over 90 percent cleaner than federal EPA standards and when fueling with Renewable Natural Gas that number jumps up to 125 percent cleaner than the cleanest diesel technology available in terms of carbon emissions. RNG delivers a significant carbon intensity reduction over baseline diesel, a reduction of approximately one-half for RNG sourced from Landfill and Wastewater Gas, a 100% reduction for Food/Green Waste and a dramatic 382% reduction for Dairy Waste.

While adjusting for electric’s Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) makes electric comparable, RNG from sources such as Food/Green Waste and Dairy Waste show reduced carbon intensity levels that are far superior to electric. And, that comparison isn’t even relevant for many fleet applications. The lack of viable electric options makes natural gas the clear favorite for over-the-road and heavy-duty fleet applications. RNG-fueled vehicles are the most immediate and cost-effective heavy-duty option available for reducing carbon emissions. For the majority of these fleet applications, RNG is the natural choice.

Reduce Your Carbon Intensity. Choose Renewable Natural Gas. #CleanFleetMonth