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NGVAmerica Renews Leadership Contract

Gage to Continue as President Through September 2025

Washington, DC –NGVAmerica, the national organization representing the natural gas in transportation industry, has extended its chief executive’s contract for an additional four years; Daniel Gage to serve as President of the industry group through September 2025.

Since Gage joined the organization in 2017, NGVAmerica has grown its membership and expanded its impact in Washington, DC and in state capitals across the United States.  Under Gage’s leadership, NGVAmerica has:

  • Advanced its sustainability focus and committed that by 2030, 80 percent of natural gas vehicle (NGV) on-road motor fuel in the United States will be derived from renewable sources, rising to 100 percent by 2050;
  • Extended the $0.50/gallon Alternative Fuel Tax Credit to promote ultra-clean on-road natural gas motor vehicle fueling;
  • Confirmed NGV’s extended 82,000 lbs. federal weight limit applies to state roadways in 34 states;
  • Expanded its membership base to include new fleets and clean transportation solution providers of all sizes; and 
  • Established a Mobile Pipeline Working Group to further support the growth and expansion of renewable natural gas (RNG) production across the United States and Canada.

Last year, RNG collected at local landfills, wastewater treatment plants, commercial food waste facilities, and agricultural digesters displaced conventional natural gas derived from fossil sources as the dominant on-road NGV fuel source nationwide.  

Moreover, the carbon intensity of RNG biofuel continues to drop.  California fleets that fueled with bio-CNG in 2020 achieved carbon negativity for the year, with an annual average carbon intensity score of -5.85 gCO2e/MJ.  Latest data puts the carbon intensity of bio-CNG in California’s system at -16.57 gCO2e/MJ (Q1, 2021). 

“Dan’s leadership has helped position our industry as the most affordable, scalable, and immediate solution to eliminate criteria pollutants that harm public health and drastically lower the carbon footprint of heavy-duty commercial fleets,” said Jim Arthurs of Westport Fuel Systems, Chair of NGVAmerica’s Board of Directors.  “He is a strong steward of NGVAmerica’s commitment to fostering an accessible, domestic, and cost-effective pathway to zero carbon transportation solutions for fleets of all sizes and applications.”

As the national NGV industry trade association, NGVAmerica:

  • Advocates to protect and enhance NGVs within the collection of choice in clean transportation options;
  • Develops and promotes common safety codes and standards and industry best practices;
  • Educates and communicates with policymakers, media, and consumers on the benefits and sustainability of natural gas as a transportation fuel; and 
  • Convenes industry peers, technology experts, and thought leaders to enhance market growth and develop new business opportunities.

NGVAmerica is hosting its 2021 Annual Meeting & Industry Summit October 19th – 21st at The Wigwam Resort in Greater Phoenix, Arizona.  Registration slots are still available for interested fleet attendees.  Details and agenda can be accessed at:  


NGVAmerica is a national organization of roughly 200 companies, environmental groups, and government organizations dedicated to the development of a growing, profitable, and sustainable market for vehicles powered by natural gas or biomethane.  NGVAmerica member companies produce, distribute, and market natural gas and biomethane across North America, manufacture and service natural gas vehicles, engines, and equipment, and operate fleets powered by clean-burning gaseous fuels.  Find out more at: