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Three Key Transportation Facts to Know this Earth Day

The cleanest heavy-duty truck engine in the world is powered by natural gas

  • Natural gas vehicles (NGVs) are zero emission equivalent with virtually no pollutants like NOx and PM
  • NGVs are 90 percent cleaner than the EPA’s current standard

The carbon content of NGV motor fuel is continually decreasing

  • Renewable natural gas (RNG) is now the majority NGV fuel
  • NGV fuelers have made aggressive commitments to dispense 100 percent RNG in the near future
  • The California Air Resources Board’s Q3 2020 Low Carbon Fuel Standard program data confirms that the energy weighted carbon intensity value of that state’s RNG vehicle fuel portfolio is carbon-negative and below zero at -17.95 gCO2e/MJ
  • RNG offers the greatest carbon reduction of any motor fuel including fully renewable electric

Fleets can affordably achieve net carbon negative NOW

  • NGVs are commercially available and scalable today
  • Nationwide fueling Infrastructure is in place
  • RNG is plentiful and domestically sourced
  • NGVs work for urban America, rural America, and everywhere in between