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NGVAmerica Promotes Available NGV Fleet Training Opportunities

Considering that proper education is considered by many to be the most critical aspect for laying the foundation for success in the natural gas transportation space, the value of training investment cannot be overstated. Conversely, without proper education, ignorance and false knowledge can lead to dangerous consequences.

NGVAmerica’s Technology & Development Committee encourages NGVA member companies and NGV fleets to take note of important available training opportunities:

Natural Gas Vehicle Institute, North America’s leading training provider for the natural gas vehicle industry and NGVA member, offers training courses for 2021 in three ways: live-in person at customer sites, virtually in public enrollment classes via our virtual live platform, or on-demand e-learning.   Training and Certification for Vehicle Technicians Level 1: NGV Essentials and Safety Practices, designed for every technician working on or around NGVs Level 2: CNG Fuel System Inspector Training, designed for technicians who will perform federally mandated CNG fuel system inspections CNG Fuel System Inspector Certification, available live-proctored or online Level 3: Heavy-Duty NGV Maintenance and Diagnostics Training, designed for technicians who will perform diagnostics and repair to either the CNG fuel system or Cummins natural gas engines
Training for NGV Drivers NGV Driver and Fueler Safety Training
Training for CNG Fueling Station Designers and Maintenance Technicians Essentials of CNG Fueling Station Operation & Maintenance Essentials of CNG Fueling Station Design and Construction    View the public-enrollment training calendar at:
View on-demand e-learning courses at:

Explore GTI natural gas training opportunities for distribution, transmission, LNG, commercial, industrial, and field skills at:

CSA Group
Explore CSA Group training and certification opportunities for SPE 2.1 Series-20, CNG cylinder and fuel system inspectors, and best practices for defueling, decommissioning, and disposal of CNG vehicle containers at:
NFPA’s Alternative Fuel Vehicles Safety Training program offers U.S. responders online training, videos, animations, simulations, data review questions, scenario rooms, 3D interactive environments, quick reference materials, and research. 
For a free download of the NFPA Emergency Field Guide, information on comprehensive full-day classroom instruction opportunities, and other training and tools necessary for emergency responders to safely handle emergencies involving alternative fuel vehicles, go to

It is never too late to empower ourselves with education and training for the success of our industry and the safety of our representatives and customers.