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NGVAmerica to Host 2019 Capitol Hill Fly-In

Tomorrow, NGVAmerica members from around the country will descend upon Capitol Hill to meet with their Members of Congress as part of NGVAmerica’s 2019 Fly-In. The members will be meeting  with U.S. Representatives specifically to discuss the following:

Reinstating the (AFTC) for 2018 & 2019 as soon as possible
What is the Alternative Fuels Tax Credit (AFTC)?
• $0.50 per gallon credit for CNG or LNG sold or used as motor vehicle fuel
• The fuel credit also includes other alternative fuels
• AFTC expired December 31, 2016; was extended retroactively for 2017

Renewing and extending the AFTC for five years would, over the course of ten years:
• Spur $9.9 billion in economic growth
• Create 62,000 new middle-class jobs with an average salary of $52,000/year
• Lead to $5.8 billion in additional private sector investment in infrastructure and equipment
• Results in $1.0 billion in avoided public health costs

Utilizing natural gas & renewable natural gas in federally-funded infrastructure projects
Why Natural Gas for Transportation?
• Natural gas is clean-burning and an American fuel
• Natural gas provides long-term price stability
• Natural gas vehicles are proven, reliable, and commercially-available for medium- and heavy-duty applications today

Encouraging increased NGV deployment as part of America’s climate solution
• Fueling with natural gas reduces NOx, CO2, and greenhouse gas emissions
• The cleanest heavy-duty vehicle engine in the world runs on natural gas
• When fueled with Renewable Natural Gas (biomethane), this Zero Emission Equivalent engine runs carbon neutral, even negative depending on feedstock
• Replacing one aging diesel truck with one new natural gas truck is the emissions equivalent of removing 119 cars from our roads

Deployment of more natural gas vehicles will:
• Grow the American economy
• Spur manufacturing and infrastructure investment
• Clean our air by reducing harmful emissions
• Reduce our dependency on foreign oil
• Contribute to America’s energy and national security

The full agenda of NGVAmerica’s 2019 Fly-In can be found here.