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NGVAmerica Input on DOE Report Regarding Barriers and Opportunities for NGVs

On Friday, NGVAmerica provided its input on a report the Department of Energy is preparing for Congress.  The FY2019 Energy and Water Development Appropriations law directed DOE to evaluate barriers and opportunities to increasing the use of natural gas in transportation.  In November, DOE presented information to NGVAmerica at its Annual Meeting & Industry Summit in Palm Springs, California. 

DOE has identified the following as being the primary barriers to increased use of natural gas on-road heavy duty vehicles:  production costs associated with onboard fuel storage; fuel operating costs associated with natural gas engine efficiency; and production cost and vehicle costs associated with natural gas engines.  NGVAmerica’s letter addressed the association viewpoint regarding barriers to greater natural gas use in transportation focusing on technical, policy and market conditions impacting the market for natural gas. 

While largely agreeing with DOE’s findings concerning on-road vehicles, NGVAmerica indicated that it believes focusing on research efforts on energy efficiency and expanding the offerings of larger engines should be a primary near-term focus.  It also urged DOE to consider expanded opportunities for natural gas use in transportation including in marine and rail, and in the light duty market segment such as in pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles.  These other markets offer significant opportunity to expand the use of natural gas in transportation and could be impacted favorable by more research and development, and policies that are more equitable in their treatment of natural gas. 

The full letter can be found here: