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‘MotorWeek’ Segment Features U.S. Department of Energy Supported Training Programs Including CNG Garages and Facilities

A recent segment of the popular show MotorWeek features information about the Department of Energy’s funded training programs for garages and facilities that use gaseous fuels like CNG.  Filming includes coverage of training sessions that recently took place at the GRTC transit system in Richmond, Virginia, which hosted an event for area fleets and businesses operating natural gas vehicles or considering switching to natural gas.  The training sessions and manuals created for DOE sponsored program are intended to ensure that businesses understand how to safely handle alternative fuels in indoor situations.

For the effort, the Department of Energy has teamed up with industry experts, the Gas Technology Institute and Marathon Technical Services, to address that very need. Specialized Training is being offered free of charge at nearly 20 locations around the country. A series of ten technical Manuals and best-practice guides have been developed.

The training also provides practical advice on how to design and operate a safe facility and teaches important gaseous fuel skills-sets, like what kind of sounds or smells might indicate even tiny trace leaks, the location of emergency shut-off valves and switches, and how to calmly respond when alarms go off or other situations occur.

The MotorWeekSegment is available here: