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Cenergy Solutions Receives Patent Allowance ANG System

Cenergy Solutions has received notice from the US Patent Office that their ANG system has been allowed for a US patent. Additionally, the WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organizations’ International Searching Authority has given an opinion that Cenergy Solutions’ ANG Adsorption/desorption Filter is patentable internationally. Cenergy Solutions has since filed for individual national patents in 74 strategic countries and will file in 17 more countries this year.

“This patent along with other International patents will allow Cenergy Solutions to bring cheap and renewable energy to individuals, communities and countries around the world,” said Gary Fanger, CEO, CTO and Co-inventor at Cenergy Solutions. “The future of natural and biogas usage will be done at low pressures, increasing the ability to safely and inexpensively capture this valuable resource that is now being wasted globally.”

Cenergy Solutions has achieved numerous milestones with ANG storage and usage like running large and small vehicles on ANG, storing and transporting biogas at low pressures and replacing LPG cylinders with natural gas cylinders. Cenergy has successfully completed testing in California and India and will be starting additional natural gas storage and use systems in the US, Puerto Rico, India, Thailand, Kenya and other strategic countries over the next few months.