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Cenergy Solutions Signs Agreement to Develop and Distribute ANG Products in India

Cenergy Solutions has entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with APPL Industries Ltd to form APPL- Cenergy Solutions, India to develop and distribute adsorbed natural and biogas (ANG) products throughout India and Asia.

Adsorbent Natural Gas or ANG has many game changing applications, including to fuel natural gas vehicles to replace gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. Cenergy says the future of natural and biogas capture and storage will be with ANG, which will store natural gas at low pressures (200 to 900 psi) instead of high pressure (3,000 to 5,000 psi), substantially reducing energy costs.

The technology to use adsorbents has been in development for the last 25 years but Cenergy Solutions has made some significant technological advancements over the last four years to allow them to bring their proprietary ANG technology to market. APPL Industries has 6 manufacturing plants in India which will provide a reliable and cost-effective way to manufacture and distribute ANG products in Asia.

“This partnership will allow Cenergy Solutions to focus on improving ANG technology while APPL – Cenergy Solutions, India will focus on manufacturing and distributing ANG equipment in Asian countries,” said Gary Fanger the COO/CTO of Cenergy Solutions.