Final Plan

The DEQ Beneficiary Mitigation Plan includes the following allocations:

Up to 45% On-Road

Up to 5% Non-Road Equip

Up to 5% Non-Road Railroad

Up to 45% Non-Road Marine

Up to 5% DERA

15% EV Light Duty Infrastructure  

The amounts above are all less than or equal to amounts shown.

Request for Information - Tugboats

The Department of Ecology is requesting information regarding potential grant opportunities to scrap and replace/repower pre-Tier 3 diesel tugboat primary propulsion and/or auxiliary engines.  Eligible engine replacements include new Tier 3 or Tier 4 diesel or alternate fueled engines, all electric engines, or engines with an EPA verified upgrade or certified remanufacture system.  Ecology will use this information to understand the interest for grants to scrap and replace/repower publicly and privately owned tugboat engines.  This request for information does not guarantee any commitment to dedicate funds for projects.  Potential funding sources include the federal Volkswagen Settlement, Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA), or other state funding sources.  Typical grant programs might fund up to 25% of the repower cost, amounting to awards of $25,000 to $250,000 per engine, depending on engine size.  This request for information applies only to tugboats.  It does not apply to other marine vessels, such as ferries or fishing boats. 
Interested parties should submit by December 14, 2018, all information in the attached spreadsheet to: Mike Boyer, Air Quality Program, Department of Ecology, michael.boyer@ecy.wa.gov, 360-407-6863.

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