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Final Plan Details

South Dakota finalized its Beneficiary Mitigation Plan in August 2018.    

The Plan includes the following proposed allocations:

60% On-Road (50% medium and heavy duty freight trucks, 10% buses)

25% DERA

5% EV Light Duty Infrastructure

10% Administration

Funding Opportunity

The DENR is continuing to accept applications for the eleventh round of funding under the SD Clean Diesel Grant Program. Initially, there was approximately $274,000 of DERA funds available for the projects. On March 5, 2019, the Governor signed HB1258, giving spending authority for the Volkswagen Mitigation Trust funds. With this, there is approximately $746,921 additional funding.  The program will provide rebates to help public schools, non-public schools, state special schools, approved educational programs, shuttle or transit system providers, and school bus contractors purchase new buses to replace old, high-emitting, diesel buses. Total rebate per replacement bus will be up to 25% of the purchase price of a 2018 engine model year or newer engine certified to EPA emission standards, 35% of the purchase price of a 2018 engine model year or newer engine certified to meet CARB’s Low-NOx standards, or 45% of the purchase price of an all-electric bus. DENR intends to award funds to as many eligible applicants throughout the state as possible.  Based on a review of the grants awarded and funding still available it appears that there is only funding for a few more buses.  It also looks like funding is limited to one bus per school district.  Application deadline is April 5, 2019.  More details here:

Final Plan

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