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over-the-road trucking
Take advantage of one of the greatest opportunities in heavy-duty trucking
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Natural Gas reduces costs

Over the road trucking (OTR) represents one of the greatest opportunities for natural gas to be used as a transportation fuel. These heavy-duty high-mileage trucks consume a lot of fuel and benefit from the lower cost of natural gas. Using natural gas in OTR applications reduces costs for shippers, carriers, as well as the end-user or consumer.

Stations are rapidly expanding

Fleets are now deploying natural gas trucks that operate on either compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG). Both forms of natural gas have advantages in OTR applications, and the number of “truck-friendly” public CNG and LNG stations is expanding rapidly. Many of these are strategically located near major highways, often at pre-existing truck stops to support cross-country travel.

The new Cummins 15L X15N™ now available
  • Industry-first & market-defining Big Bore Natural Gas Powertrain
  • Capable to meet stringent CARB24/27 and future EPA NOx regulations
  • Compact 15 Liter – 500 lbs. lighter than current 15L diesels
  • Up to a 10% Fuel Economy/GHG improvement over ISX12N
  • 12L-15L Diesel matching ratings – up to 500hp & 1850lb-ft of torque
  • Over 1,000-mile range for line-haul applications, dependent on tank configuration and driving behavior
  • Carbon-negative outcome dependent on RNG source

California fleets fueling with bio-CNG have achieved negative carbon outcomes since 2020, reaching annual average carbon intensity scores of roughly -100 gCO2e/MJ or better since 2021

Collaboration between shippers and carriers

Shippers are attracted to the environmental and economic benefits of natural gas that help achieve corporate sustainability goals as well as help lower operating costs. Many national shippers are maintaining contracts and awarding new contracts to carriers based on their transition, or willingness to transition, to natural gas.


Clean. Cost-effective. Compliant.

Federal emissions getting stricter
The newest natural gas engines with Near-Zero – or Zero Emissions Equivalent – technology are poised to meet and exceed stringent new federal NOx emissions standards. And today's natural gas engines are certified to the CARB Model Year 2024 standard without using credits.

Need a natural gas station on your route?

If use of existing fueling infrastructure is not practical, convenient, or economical, it may be better to build a new CNG, LNG, or LCNG station. NGVA can connect you with member station builders across North America.

NGVA can connect you with member station builders across North America.



A wide array of Natural Gas Vehicle options are commercially available