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Containerships Receives Its First LNG-Powered Container Vessel

Containerships is pleased to announce the delivery of its first LNG-powered container vessel, M/S Containerships Nord. She was delivered to Containerships at Wenchong Shipyard, China on December 12.

Containerships’ LNG-story started in 2013, when the decision to build the new environmentally-friendly LNG-powered vessels was taken. LNG is a relatively new fuel source, and these vessels would be the first newbuilds based on this technology to serve regularly European ports and trade.

“By taking this decision, we accepted the challenge of building with a new technology. It has been a rewarding project full of learning opportunities,” says Containerships’ CEO Kari-Pekka Laaksonen.

Containerships’ LNG-concept spreads out from sea to land. In addition to LNG-powered vessels, the company looks for constant growth of LNG-fueled transport capacity on land by investing in LNG-fueled trucks. The company says using LNG throughout the logistics supply chain saves up to 25 percent on contribution to global warming compared to traditional multimodal transportation.

M/S Containerships Nord starts sailing towards Europe soon after her delivery. Her sister vessels, three more in total, are scheduled for delivery during the first half on 2019.