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Faber Awarded Contract to Supply CNG Tanks to Bogota Bus

Faber has been awarded by Scania for the supply of Type 4 CNG cylinders for the renewal of the tender for Bogota’s TransMilenio Bus Rapid Transit System fleet.

Faber will be the sole provider of these composite Type 4 CNG cylinders for both the articulated buses with a capacity of 160 passengers, and the bi-articulated buses with a capacity  of 250 passengers, that will all be fitted with Faber’s cylinders. With more than 2 million passengers per day, TransMilenio is the world’s largest bus rapid transit system.

“This is a great achievement for Faber,” said Giovanni Toffolutti – Head of Sales and Marketing, “this is another confirmation of the outstanding work we have already accomplished in the Cartagena and Medellin districts of Colombia in the recent past.”

Faber is fully committed to supporting the growing CNG market in Colombia, a country where CNG is seen as a clean fuel that contributes significantly in reducing CO2 emissions as well as eliminating particulate matter (PM) and NOx.