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IVECO Stralis Truck Achieves Record 1,074 Miles on a Single Fill of Natural Gas

The Stralis NP set off from London and, after the short sea crossing from Dover to Calais, completed the 1,074-mile road journey to Madrid without needing to refuel—exceeding the vehicle’s official range of 994 miles to set a new distance record.

Prior to the trip, IVECO carefully planned the journey using MyBestRoute: a web-based application developed by Michelin for Stralis NP customers. It allows drivers and fleet managers to select the optimum route for any European journey, including plotting LNG refueling stations and estimating the total cost of the trip for both diesel and natural gas-powered trucks.

The journey demonstrated that natural gas is a viable, realistic, safe and cost-effective alternative to diesel, available from a growing network of fuel providers in the UK and across Europe.

Compared with an equivalent Euro VI diesel, a Stralis NP running on LNG emits around 90 percent less NOx emissions, 99 percent less particulate matter, and up to 15 per ent less CO2—rising to 95 percent less CO2 when using RNG.