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Global Leaders Pledge to Fast-track Adoption of Clean Trucks and Buses 

Governments and companies from around the globe signed on to a new program that will accelerate the deployment of zero and near-zero emission commercial vehicles and technologies. The “Global Commercial Vehicle Drive to Zero” pledge is a coordinated, international effort—championed by CALSTART, a non-profit industry organization with more than 190-member companies—aimed at dramatically reducing emissions from trucks and buses in high-potential markets.

“By showing the demand for these vehicles, and focusing on the most viable markets, we can accelerate their adoption, improve air quality and reduce emissions,” said president and CEO of CALSTART, John Boesel. “Once we achieve commercial viability in these areas, we can work to reach economies of scale, bring costs down and increase adoption throughout the entire medium- and heavy-duty vehicle industry.”

The Pledge focuses on eight global market segments for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. The initial goal is to achieve commercial success in each of these markets internationally by 2025.

Based on analytical work performed by CALSTART—the executive secretariat of the Pledge—the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has adopted this targeted application approach, known as the “beachhead” strategy, to advance these technologies in California. The Pledge applies this strategy on a global scale, targeting transit buses, shuttle buses, package and delivery trucks, urban “box” trucks, yard tractors, port handling equipment and regional Class 7/8 drayage (cargo) trucks.

The new program will support the advancement of the beachhead markets by identifying barriers, sharing solutions and best practices and conducting analysis. Among the global beachhead markets targeted by the Pledge, transit buses are growing the fastest.

“By working across national and state boundaries, through this new focused effort, we can accelerate progress and help bring these important clean technologies to market years earlier,” said Richard W. Corey, executive officer, California Air Resources Board. “We are very supportive of this program and look forward to collaborating with our partners to achieve our clean air and climate goals.”

The Pledge was announced today at an affiliated event in advance of the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, where supporters include Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, the California Air Resources Board, the Bay Area and South Coast Air Quality Management Districts, Siemens, Southern California Edison, BYD, Proterra and New Flyer.

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