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Republic Services Meets Environmental Goals in New 2017 Sustainability Report

Republic Services released its 2017 Sustainability Report, demonstrating the company’s commitment to providing regular reporting on its sustainability initiatives and progress. The report details the Company’s sustainability strategy and achievement of its time-bound goals set in 2014.

“At Republic, we understand that we play a critical role in helping more than 14 million customers lessen their environmental impact,” said Don Slager, president and chief executive officer. “We also recognize that as we grow the business, our responsibility as environmental stewards grows—along with our potential for even greater impact.”

In 2014, as part of its Blue Planet sustainability platform, Republic set its first public sustainability goals that included the development of at least two landfill gas-to-energy projects per year through 2018 and the reduction of absolute fleet emissions by 3 percent. Both goals that were achieved in 2017.

For over a decade Republic has made investments in CNG trucks and fueling stations. Republic’s continued investments in CNG trucks and fueling stations have enabled the company to begin making a transition to renewable natural gas (RNG), which has the lowest carbon intensity of all the alternative fuel technologies on the market today.

To learn more about Republic’s Blue Planet sustainability platform or to download the latest Sustainability Reports, visit the company’s website.