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CSA Group Releases New Standards for LNG Dispensing and Fuel System Components

CSA Group has published 18 new standards to support the safe deployment of LNG vehicles. This includes the LNG 3 series, which contain 17 standards covering LNG vehicle fuel system components and LNG 4.1 for vehicle dispensing systems.

The LNG 3 series are bi-national adoptions of the international ISO 12614 Road Vehicles—Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Fuel System Components: 2014 19-part series. Seventeen of the 19-part standards have been adopted, with deviations, in both the US and Canada. CSA LNG 3.1 covers general requirements and definitions; in addition, CSA LNG 3.2 covers performance and general test methods. The LNG 3 series cover the various LNG vehicle components such as valves, fittings, gauges, and sensors.

LNG 4.1 is a new bi-national standard for LNG dispensing systems. The standard applies to newly-manufactured stationary and mobile vehicle LNG dispensing systems.

“The release of this standard is an important milestone for the natural gas for transportation (NGT) industry,” said Victor Fe (Fortis BC), Chair of the CSA LNG 4.1 Working Group. “It provides dispensing equipment manufacturers the necessary requirements to help ensure safe operation, substantial and durable construction, and performance testing of components for natural gas vehicle LNG dispensing systems.”

In addition to the development and publication of these standards, CSA Group also recently published the fourth edition of B108, the Canadian code for installation of NGV refueling stations. This new edition covers both CNG and LNG vehicle refueling stations. LNG 4.1 has been referenced in B108, while the LNG 3 series have been referenced in the Canadian B109—Natural Gas for Vehicles Installation Code. Both the LNG 3 series and LNG 4.1 will be submitted to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for consideration as references within future editions of NFPA 52—Vehicular Natural Gas Fuel Systems Code.

You can purchase the new LNG 3 series and LNG 4.1 standard from the CSA Store.