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Cenergy Solutions Adds Lance Fanger as VP of Business Development

Cenergy Solutions announced that Lance Fanger has joined the company as VP of Business Development. Mr. Fanger was one of the founders and CEO of Healthsource Global Staffing, a US-based company that staffed medical facilities nationwide. Over a 10-year span Mr. Fanger built Healthsource Global Staffing into multimillion dollar company that was a leader in their specialty staffing market. After Healthsource Global Staffing was acquired by a public company 2 ½ years ago, he stayed on as the General Manager until he resigned on July 1, 2018.

“When I saw the immense growth potential at Cenergy Solutions I decided to leave my lucrative position and join Cenergy’s team,” said Fanger. “I am excited to help build a company that has so much potential to help millions of people around the world convert to a clean renewable energy source.

Mr. Fanger graduated from Utah State and is multi lingual with international experience that will help him work with foreign companies throughout the world to use Cenergy’s proprietary Adsorbent Natural Gas (ANG) technology

Cenergy Solutions is working with companies from four continents that want to distribute Cenergy’s adsorbed natural and biogas systems. These partnerships will be overseen by Lance Fanger as Cenergy Solutions seeks to install ANG systems and technology worldwide.