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GTT to Equip PONANT Icebreaker with Large LNG Tanks

GTT finalized a contract with the Norwegian shipyard VARD for the supply of the LNG tanks of the expedition ship PONANT Icebreaker. This ship, the delivery of which is planned in 2021, will be the first electric hybrid cruise ice-breaker with LNG propulsion and will be operated by PONANT, a provider of luxury polar expeditions.

Specially designed for the specificities of the LNG as a fuel, these tanks will be equipped with GTT’s Mark III membrane technology, already widely proven in the field of LNG transportation. The Group will conduct the construction of the tanks.

The PONANT Icebreaker is intended for polar expeditions of durations from 2 weeks to 1 month. Thanks to its two large LNG tanks, this ship will be capable of making its entire routes using LNG. This performance is made possible by the compactness of GTT’s membrane containment system which optimizes the payload in very restrained spaces.

“This project sets an important milestone in the development of the LNG as a fuel,” said Philippe Berterottière, Chairman and CEO of GTT. “GTT is proud to bring its expertise to PONANT and VARD, two important players of the maritime world, for the supply of the tanks of this particularly innovative and environmentally friendly ship.”