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European Consortium Agrees on Innovative Solutions for 21 Natural Gas Fueling Stations

The General Assembly of ECO-GATE, a consortium of 25 companies to create natural gas fueling infrastructure throughout Europe with new technology and innovative solutions, agreed on specific innovative solutions that it will develop and implement at the 21 natural gas stations to be opened in Spain, France, Portugal and Germany. The 21 stations will be developed under the European global action plan to develop sustainable mobility, an initiative being led by NEDGIA – the natural gas distribution company of the Gas Natural Fenosa group.

The various innovative solutions that ECO-GATE has decided to apply include the technological and operational innovations for undertaking improvements to CNG and LNG fuel and logistics services aimed at refueling vehicles more efficiently and reducing station operating costs.

The European Union approved more than $11.5 million worth of funding for the ECO-GATE project, which will be managed and coordinated by NEDGIA, as the leader of a consortium made up by natural gas operators, technology and service providers, end users and marketing and promotion knowledge experts in Spain, Portugal, France and Germany.

The project involves the construction of 21 gas refueling stations along the Atlantic and Mediterranean Corridors of the Spanish, French, German and Portuguese road networks. To this end, the funding provided to ECO-GATE will be shared between the four countries and will allow the development of gas refueling stations in Barcelona, Girona, Burgos, Madrid, Murcia, Salamanca, Irún, Tordesillas, La Junquera, Cordoba and Cartagena, Lisbon, Setúbal, Maia, Aveiro, Tours and Heddesheim, among other cities.