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CMD CNG Energy Solutions Equipment Remains Operational During Severe Storm

A severe storm passed through Eastern Arkansas earlier this month that produced winds of 100 mph—the equivalent of an EF-1 tornado—and caused numerous power outages and property damages across Arkansas. A GAIN Clean Fuel public CNG station located in Forrest City, and housing CMD CNG Energy Solutions equipment, experienced a minor power outage but remained operational throughout. The CMD 24-hour a day, seven days a week Station Monitoring Team quickly identified the vulnerability with the cooperation of station personnel and reset the system remotely.

“A huge thank you to CMD and Sara Wiegert of GAIN Clean Fuel for bird-dogging this dangerous storm in Forrest City, AR which did damage to nearby buildings and took out power at our site,” said Mike Koel, GAIN Clean Fuel President. “Both teams did a great job on communication as well as focusing on getting the site up and running safely.”

The site contains two CMD 200 horsepower model 475CGS Compressors that sustained zero damage with no loss of capability. Due to the CMD monitoring, this assessment was determined by the field service technician during his normally scheduled maintenance visit.

Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, CMD equipment has remained operational in the past from the extreme cold in Minnesota and Wisconsin to hurricanes in Florida.

“It is important that drivers are able to get fuel at all times,” said Rock Petit, Project Manager of CMD Product Development and Engineering. “As with this GAIN Clean Fuel station, it is critically important that they can reliably fuel as they deliver perishable food. It is vital people can count on drivers to deliver a consistent supply of food and water, especially in cases of natural disasters as this storm could easily have turned into.”