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Matheson Prioritizes Natural Gas Vehicles, CNG Tractor at ACT Expo

Matheson Companies, a leading adopter of natural gas vehicles, further demonstrated the company’s commitment to cleaner air with their involvement at the ACT Expo this week.

Matheson is an award-winning transportation and logistics provider for the USPS and other commercial carriers. Known for superior customer service and ability to meet strict deadlines, the company provides mail transportation, long-haul and short-haul trucking, and aircraft ground support services. Furthermore, the company continually works to convert its trucks into CNG tractors to reduce carbon footprint and provide a smoother, cleaner ride for drivers.

“We consider it a privilege to provide mail transportation services that impact communities across the United States,” says Mark Matheson, CEO and President. “We believe it is our responsibility to do this in the most environmentally safe manner we possibly can.”

The company takes this responsibility seriously, as Matheson actively assists USPS in achieving their goal of reducing diesel use by 20 percent by the year 2020. This year, the company increased its CNG fleet by 18, bringing the fleet to include 58 CNG tractors and 12 LNG tractors. Matheson plans to increase the number of CNG tractors again by 12 more before the end of 2018, which will leave the company with 70 total natural gas tractors. The Matheson team has one of these CNG tractors on display at the event.

“Any way to improve sustainability is a good way to improve sustainability in my book,” says Charles Mellor, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel. “We want to remain environmentally responsible. It’s the right thing to do.”