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Trillium CNG to Upgrade Alternative Fueling Station for American Disposal Services

Trillium CNG was recently selected by American Disposal Services to provide upgrades to its CNG fueling station. The upgrades allow American Disposal Services, the recycling and waste collection provider based in Manassas, Virginia, to double the size of its CNG fleet by allowing more vehicles to fuel concurrently.

“CNG has been a popular choice among refuse fleet managers for years,” said Bill Cashmareck, managing director of Trillium CNG. “American Disposal Services is following a clear trend in the waste services industry to expand natural gas fleet operations for a variety of reasons, including cost stability.”

In 2014, American Disposal Services implemented a long-term plan to convert its fleet to CNG. The upgrades to the fueling system will accommodate approximately 60 vehicles. Trillium will add 31 new time-fill hoses and update system controls programming to ensure all equipment runs at peak efficiency. American Disposal Services also executed a four-year operations and maintenance contract extension with Trillium to provide additional support.

Trillium’s relationship with American Disposal Services began in 2014 when Trillium was selected to build the company’s first CNG station. Trillium operates three additional private stations in Virginia.