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Statement by NGVAmerica on Passage of Alternative Fuel Tax Credit Extension

Washington, D.C. – Statement by NGVAmerica President Daniel Gage on the inclusion of alternative fuel tax credits in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018:

“The bipartisan budget agreement wisely includes provisions aimed to promote the use of clean, domestic natural gas in transportation.  By extending the Alternative Fuels Tax Credit for natural gas vehicles and the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Tax Credit for natural gas refueling stations retroactively for 2017, Congress signals how important clean technology natural gas vehicles are to growing our economy, improving our air quality, and enhancing our energy security while reducing our carbon footprint.

“No commercially-available heavy-duty powertrain solution runs cleaner than natural gas.  The cleanest heavy-duty truck engine in the world is powered by natural gas.

“Natural gas vehicles are powered by American fuel, American technology, and American innovation.  Natural gas transportation is making a difference through a variety of applications – trucks, trash, transit, marine and rail.

“We intend to continue working with Congressional leaders to extend these proven clean air investment incentives for 2018 and beyond.  Moving forward, our industry needs certainty and deserves parity with other zero emissions equivalent technologies.”



Daniel Gage is President of NGVAmerica, a national organization of over 200 companies, environmental groups, and government organizations dedicated to the development of a growing, profitable, and sustainable market for vehicles powered by natural gas or biomethane.  NGVAmerica member companies produce, distribute, and market natural gas and biomethane across North America, manufacture and service natural gas vehicles, engines, and equipment, and operate fleets powered by clean-burning gaseous fuels.  Find out more at: