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Hexagon Lincoln Received Large Order for TITAN 4 CNG Trailers

Hexagon Lincoln has received a follow-on purchase order for TITAN 4 trailers from Certarus Ltd. with a total value of $11 million. The Mobile Pipeline modules will serve the industrial sector in North America.

Earlier this year, Hexagon and Certarus, a leading provider of fully integrated CNG delivery solutions, entered into a long-term agreement. With this order Certarus is expanding its already large TITAN fleet, which serves the oil and gas, industrial and commercial sectors.

“Certarus is the North American market leader for large scale integrated compressed natural gas solutions and Hexagon’s TITAN 4 is the core of our fleet,” said Curtis Philippon, President & CEO of Certarus Ltd.

Deliveries are scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2017 and continue through the first quarter of 2018.