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CSA Group Announces CNG Cylinder and Fuel System Inspector Training


CSA Group has developed an introductory course that offers fleet managers an easy and affordable resource to get their technicians prepared for their CNG Cylinder and Fuel System Inspector Certification.

Participants will gain the necessary skills and knowledge for the most important elements of an inspection in preparation for their exam and offers insight into requirements of the ANSI-accredited Personnel Certification Program, the CSA Group Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Cylinder and Fuel System Inspector Certification.

Upon successful completion of this course fleet managers and service mechanics will be able to:

  • Analyze the vehicle’s history
  • Identify potential gas safety hazards
  • Demonstrate appropriate cleaning and handling methods
  • Identify the appropriate inspection form and checklist that should be used during the inspection process
  • Describe the consequences of various defect levels to both technical and non-technical customers
  • Demonstrate the appropriate pressure relief inspection process
  • Identify the appropriate sources for both repair and replacement
  • Demonstrate the appropriate defueling process

The two-day CNG Class & Certification can be bundled with the application and exam fee and the CNG Resource Package. For more information, Visit the program website.