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Ozinga Celebrates Opening of New CNG Station in Illinois


Ozinga held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the official opening of its new concrete production plant in Des Plaines, Illinois, that features a CNG fueling station. The new station enabled Ozinga to purchase new, cutting-edge CNG mixer trucks and assign them to the Des Plaines yard to minimize noise and exhaust emissions.

In the past 12 months, Ozinga built a completely enclosed concrete mixing plant at the Jarvis location. The high-capacity plant encloses any generated dust and noise out of sight and out of earshot. The sand and gravel used to make the Des Plaines concrete are now dumped in underground storage bins and fed into the mixing plant in covered conveyors.

This completely automated storage system for cement and aggregates in underground bins and silos coupled with the concrete water recycling system enables a high-quality, environmentally friendly production process with high speed multiple loading of Ozinga’s iconic red-and-white striped trucks. The yard now sets an industry standard with low noise levels and zero significant emissions into the atmosphere.

“This facility is a statement to Ozinga’s commitment to serving our families, communities, customers, and country for generations to come,” said executive vice president and owner Paul Ozinga.