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NGVAmerica Releases Updated NGV Maintenance Facilities Modifications Document


NGVAmerica has released an updated version of Guideline for Determining the Modifications Required for Natural Gas Vehicle Maintenance Facilities, originally created by the Clean Vehicle Education Foundation in 2012. The updated document was produced by the NGV Maintenance Facility Modifications Working Group that is part of NGVAmerica’s Technology & Development Committee. Modifications to the document include changes to code revisions and text, along with updates from the Working Group.

The guidelines describe the modifications necessary for existing liquid fueled vehicle maintenance facilities to service both CNG and LNG vehicles.  The basic national codes are outlined, and the rationale and assumptions used to develop the codes are discussed.  While this document outlines existing codes, it is important to note that each maintenance facility must be evaluated as building designs and activities performed in the facility can have a significant impact on the modifications required.

The updated document is available here.