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CSA Group Publishes New Edition of NGV 1 Standard, Seeks Feedback

CSA Group has published a new edition of CSA/ANSI NGV 1 – Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Fueling Connection Devices. This standard is ANSI-accredited and is developed for North America for testing and certification of CNG vehicle fueling nozzles and receptacles. The initial impetus for the development of CSA NGV 1 was to develop requirements for compatibility of vehicle fueling connection devices, as well as requirements for the development of components specific for use with CNG.

“CSA NGV 1 was recently updated to include additions and provisions for both the larger diameter heavy duty vehicle refueling nozzles and receptacles and geometry for lower pressure nozzles and receptacles that may be used for Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG),” said Brandon Grote, Global Market Manager, Alternative Fuels at Swagelok and Chair of CSA Group’s NGV 1 Technical Subcommittee. “These improvements help the global natural gas vehicle market meet industry needs for standardized CNG filling connections.”

In addition to the expanded scope stated above, the Technical Subcommittee reorganized the test fixture tolerance, wear pattern and receptacle figures to make them more user-friendly to users of the Standard.

Related to the publication of CSA NGV 1, CSA Group is also seeking industry feedback regarding the defueling of CNG tanks. NFPA 52-2016, Vehicular Natural Gas Fuel Systems Code, Clause 15.3.4, requires defueling capability that does not require use of tools. During the development of CSA NGV 6.1, the question was raised whether coverage for a common defueling connection profile should be developed. CSA Group has created a quick two question survey for CNG stakeholders to complete that can be accessed here.

The development of CSA NGV 1 and supporting activities are made possible by a financial contribution from Natural Resources Canada. To access CSA/ANSI NGV 1 -Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Fuel Connection Devices, visit CSA Group’s online store.