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Upcoming Renewable Natural Gas Symposium Hosted by UC Riverside’s CE-CERT


The College of Engineering—Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT) at the University of California Riverside will be hosting its Renewable Natural Gas Symposium on May 17, 2017 at the Bourns Technology Center in Riverside, California. The in-depth symposium is designed for an engaging discussion on the key benefits and challenges of moving the production of RNG from pilot-scale demonstration projects to widespread commercial production and utilization.

In keeping with the mission of newly opened Center for Renewable Natural Gas (CRNG), the symposium will examine opportunities to improve technology—production efficiencies—and mitigate common barriers—regulatory issues, feedstock logistics/pretreatment challenges, and high capital costs). Discussions will include:

  • RNG Policy in California – Past & Future
  • Renewable Hydrogen – Nexus of Fuels and Power
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Decarbonization
  • RNG’s Role in Mitigating Short Lived Climate Pollutants
  • Utility-Scale Power-to-Gas
  • Thermochemical RNG Production

A ribbon cutting ceremony and CRNG tour will be held. For more information, visit the event website.