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Congressman Kustoff Tests Drives CNG Vehicle at Gibson County Utility District

Congressman Kustoff and his staff recently visited the Gibson County Utility District (GCUD) located in Trenton, Tennessee. Congressman Kustoff was fulfilling a campaign promise to General Manager Pat Riley that was made at a question and answer event. After a great discussion about natural gas and natural gas vehicles Kustoff promised Pat that he would come by to visit GCUD and tour their CNG refueling station.

The visit started with a quick tour of the facility and all the technology that GCUD employs, followed by a power point presentation about the natural gas industry in general and a focused emphasis on CNG vehicles and the national road rally that APGA and NGVAmerica hosted in 2016.
The tour then moved across the street to inspect the CNG station and fill up a CNG truck. The Congressman drove the truck to see first-hand how it operated and was impressed with the power and the smooth ride that the vehicle offered.

“I am very impressed,” said Kustoff of his visit. “We need to look at alternative forms of energy. One incident, one military action can change the price of oil and gasoline tremendously. It makes this all the more important.”