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Government of Canada Invests in Renewable Natural Gas

Jim Carr, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, announced an $800,000 investment in G4 Insights Inc. for the development of technology to convert forestry waste into RNG that can be distributed through existing natural gas pipelines in Canada. The investment will diversify Canada’s energy mix, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve industrial efficiency, and create new economic opportunities for Canadian companies and create jobs.

G4 Insights is partnering with the Canadian Gas Association members Enbridge Gas Distribution, FortisBC, Gaz Metro, Union Gas, utility host ATCO, the Natural Gas Innovation Fund, Alberta Innovates, and FPInnovations, who are contributing a combined $1.35 million towards this project.

Renewable natural gas produced from sustainably managed forest residue can emit up to 85 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional fossil fuels. Forest residue, which includes all parts of the tree, can be converted into solid, liquid or gaseous biofuels such as RNG that can then be burned for energy or used as fuel substitutes for transportation or industrial processes.