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Van Oord Orders First LNG-Powered Crane Vessel


Van Oord has ordered the construction of a new crane vessel, the Werkendam, that will be Van Oord’s first LNG-powered vessel. The new vessel, which is being built by Neptune in the Netherlands, will generally be deployed to Netherlands-based projects. It will take about twelve months to build the crane vessel.

After completion, the vessel will be able to run on LNG, with gas oil as backup. With a tank on the aft deck, the Werkendam will be able to store enough LNG on board to sail and operate for fourteen days without bunkering LNG.

The Werkendam will be equipped with various sensors and energy storage systems. The sensors will monitor the energy consumption of almost all the equipment and systems on board, which will even make it possible to store and reuse overcapacity, for example when operating the crane. The data produced by these monitoring systems will provide crew members with an insight into energy consumption, enabling them to respond appropriately.

Van Oord says energy efficiency is one of the top items of its sustainability agenda. To reduce its carbon footprint, it is researching the use of alternative fuels, such as LNG and biofuel. With this investment, we will be gaining experience of LNG-powered vessels and the related benefits.