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NGVAmerica's Governmental Affairs Director Paul Kerkhoven Retires


NGVAmerica’s long-time Director of Federal Government Affairs retired last week after nearly 20 years of dedicated service to the natural gas vehicle industry.  Paul Kerkhoven said goodbye to colleagues at a reception in his honor hosted by NGVAmerica’s Board of Directors and UPS in Washington.

“It’s been an honor to be a part of a great industry filled with wonderful people,” Kerkhoven said at the event.  “I have great memories of working with so many NGVAmerica members and feel a strong sense of accomplishment on all that we did together to help grow the industry.”

Over 100 NGVAmerica members, legislative staff, association allies, and family members of Paul attended the reception which was held at the UPS Townhouse on Capitol Hill.

“Paul’s work has made a real difference in putting more NGVs on the road and improving air quality for millions of Americans,” said NGVAmerica Chair Gordon Exel.

Paul plans to travel extensively and pursue his creative passions in the months ahead.

NGVAmerica members who wish to send their regards to Paul should call or email any of the NGVAmerica staff who can provide his new contact information.