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Ultimate CNG Fills the Breach Following Hurricane Flood Damage in North Carolina


Ultimate CNG LLC, owner of the patented FuelMule mobile CNG station and provider of temporary and emergency CNG deliveries, announced that in the aftermath of recent flood damage in North Carolina, it brought mobile CNG assets to the area, allowing a major refuse company to maintain CNG fleet operation.

“In some areas of North Carolina, flood damage was so severe it actually swept away critical permanent CNG infrastructure,” as reported by Dennis Pick, CEO, Ultimate CNG. “We were happy to make our mobile CNG equipment available to help one of the affected fleets (a national refuse company) who lost on-site gas supply and compression capability to the flooding in the Fayetteville, North Carolina area.”

Among the mobile delivery assets developed by Ultimate CNG is the FuelMule—a self-contained mobile CNG station with on-board storage and compressor delivering CNG on a fast-fill basis, requiring no on-site natural gas or electric power connections.