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Freedom CNG Installs Back-Up Power for Houston Fueling Stations

The next time Houston experiences a major power outage, METRO busses, CenterPoint Energy trucks, Texas Department of Transportation vehicles and others powered by CNG won’t have to wait for power to be restored in order to refuel.

CNG fueling stations operated by Freedom CNG are now the first in Houston and among the first in Texas to be equipped with dedicated, on-site back-up power generation at each of its truck-friendly sites to ensure indefinite, 24-hour operation if electricity is interrupted for any reason.

“When there’s a power outage and service trucks can’t get diesel fuel, they have to sit,” notes Bill Winters, co-managing partner of Freedom CNG which operates three of Houston’s 15 compressed natural gas fueling stations. “But that’s exactly when services are needed most.”

Freedom CNG says more than 2,000 short-haul vehicles in Houston operate on CNG for local private and public-sector fleets, including those for personnel and equipment necessary to restore power and deliver goods and services to those in need. In addition, close to 100 area school busses also operate on CNG and earlier this year METRO unveiled a new fleet of 50 CNG transit busses.

Freedom CNG stations currently fuel vehicles for Houston Distributing Company, METRO, Williams Energy, AT&T, Oak Farms, Frito Lay, Texas Department of Transportation, Republic Waste, Waste Corporation of America, Silver Eagle Distributors, Waste Management, and CenterPoint Energy, among others.