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Sessions and Speakers Announced for the 2016 NGVAmerica Annual Meeting & Industry Summit


NGVAmerica is pleased to announce the sessions and speakers for the 2016 NGVAmerica Annual Meeting and Industry Summit that will be held from Wednesday, September 7 through Friday, September 9, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Convention Center in Denver, Colorado.

“NGVAmerica is excited to bring together a broad group of industry leaders to share their expertise on the most important issues facing the NGV industry today,” said NGVAmerica President Matthew Godlewski. “Their valuable insights will help shape and inform the continued growth of natural gas as an economical, clean-burning transportation fuel.”

Wednesday, September 7:

  • NGVAmerica Technology & Development Workshop:
    • LNG/High-Horsepower Roundtable Discussion“What is Needed to Move the Market Forward?”
    • NGVA Technology & Development Committee Meeting“Work Group Updates & 2017 Agenda Planning”
  • NGVAmerica State Government Advocacy Workshop:
    • Volkswagen Settlement Workshop“Getting Your State Ready to Promote NGV Projects”
    • NGVA State Government Advocacy Committee Meeting“Planning the 2017 NGV Agenda in the States”

Thursday, September 8:

  • “State of the Trucking Marketplace”
    • Governor Bill Graves, Former President & CEO, American Trucking Associations
  • “Convergence for a Strong NGV Industry”
    • Kathleen Ligocki, Chief Executive Officer, Agility Fuel Systems
    • Nancy Gougarty, Chief Executive Officer, Westport Fuel Systems
    • Matthew Godlewski, President, NGVAmerica
    • Love’s/Trillium CNG – TBD
  • “Innovation in the Automotive Industry & Perspectives on the 2016 Elections”
    • Mitch Bainwol, President & CEO, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
  • “What’s New at the Retail Level Among Transportation Fuels?”
    • John Eichberger, Executive Director, Fuels Institute
  • “Future of America’s Energy Security”
    • Anne Korin, Co-Director, Institute for Analysis of Global Security
    • Dan Simmons, Director, Institute for Energy Research

Friday, September 9:

  • “Market Moving Opportunities for NGVs” — How does the NGV Marketplace Capitalize on the VW Settlement & California State Implementation Plan?”
    • Bill Nowicke, Chief Operating Officer, Agility Fuel Systems
    • Kathryn Clay, Vice President, Policy Planning, American Gas Association
    • Ken Marko, Senior National Fleet Engineer, Frito Lay
    • Erik Neandross, Chief Executive Officer, GNA
    • Todd Campbell, Vice President Public Policy, Clean Energy Fuels
  • “Messaging the Strong Environmental Value of NGVs” — How to talk with Customers, Regulators & Policymakers about the Benefits
    • Grant Zimmerman, Chief Executive Officer, ampCNG
    • Sam Weitz, Director, Transportation Engineering, Anheuser Busch InBev
    • Matthew Krasney, Director Alternative Fuels, Penske Truck Leasing
    • Dan Bowerson, Director Technology & Development, NGVAmerica
  • “Innovation Paving the Way in a Competitive Marketplace” — New Technologies on the Road Ahead for NGVs
    • Johannes Escudero, Executive Director, Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas
    • Brad Couch, Ariel Corporation
    • Barry Carr, Landi Renzo USA
    • Brad Douville, Westport Fuel Systems
    • Jerry Johnson, Cummins Westport
    • Sarah Sandberg, Colorado Oil & Gas Association

For more information and to register for this conference, visit the summit website at