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Nopetro and St. Johns County Open CNG Fueling Facility in Florida


Nopetro has announced the grand opening of its newest CNG fueling facility in St. Johns County, Florida, designed to serve both county-owned commercial vehicles and the public at-large. The new station is located at the two-acre St. Johns County Public Works facility site. The station is comprised of a four lane fueling station and is expandable to six lanes, and it features two dual hose dispensers with the capacity to distribute over 12 gallons per minute.

As part of the P3 agreement with the County, Nopetro absorbed all costs related to the construction, operation and maintenance of the fueling station.  The facility was completely designed and engineered by Nopetro.

Additionally, as part of its initiative to reduce the use of imported oil, develop regional economic opportunities and improve air quality, the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization provided St. Johns County with $732,000 towards the incremental cost of the retrofit of approximately 130 mid-duty CNG fleet vehicles.

Under the terms of the public-private partnership, switching from diesel to CNG is expected to provide the County more than $6 million in savings over the next 20 years.