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Boreas Natural Gas Enters Natural Gas Fuels Market


Boreas Natural Gas announced that it has commenced operations providing products, services and customized turnkey solutions for the natural gas fuels market. Founded by the industry veteran Cem Hacioglu, Boreas Natural Gas is the second natural gas fuels company Hacioglu has led after Applied LNG where he was the President and CEO from 2009 to 2015.

Headquartered in Westlake Village, California, Boreas Natural Gas is the result of Hacioglu’s vision to create a self-sustaining natural gas fuels supply chain. Hacioglu says that Boreas will initially focus on the operational and service aspects of the value chain and opportunistically move into the production and distribution segments.

In addition to sourcing LNG and CNG, Boreas will offer its customers service and development options, including the design, build-out, and operation of LNG plants and LNG/CNG fueling stations, as well as fuel storage and dispensing infrastructure for permanent use and temporary special projects. Boreas’ advisory and consulting services will include technical and operational evaluation of facilities and equipment, safety and regulatory compliance, and environmental credit programs, including credit generation, tracking and monetization at state and federal level.

For additional information, visit the Boreas Natural Gas website.