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Canadian City Contracts with Greenlane Biogas for Organic Biofuel Facility

Greenlane Biogas has received a contract from Orgaworld Canada, an organic waste treatment company, to supply a biogas upgrading system and a CO2recovery unit for the City of Surrey’s Organic Biofuel Facility.

The facility is currently under construction and will have the capacity to process up to 115,000 tons of organic waste annually from the city’s curbside collection program and commercial waste from the region. The organic waste will be fed into anaerobic digesters to generate biogas which will be upgraded by the system to produce RNG with methane purity greater than 97 percent.

The RNG will be used to fuel the city’s fleet of natural gas waste collection and operations service vehicles, and supply the city-owned district energy system to heat and cool public and privately owned buildings in the City Centre community.

“This facility will allow the City to recycle all the organic waste its residents produce by diverting the organic waste from landfills, and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere,” said Brent Jaklin, Managing Director for Greenlane Biogas North America. “We believe this project will be a great showcase for other cities looking for an economical and environmentally sustainable solution to manage waste.”