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Hexagon Lincoln Extends Long-Term Agreement with New Flyer


Hexagon Lincoln has signed a long-term agreement with one of its key customers, New Flyer Industries. Hexagon Composites, the parent company of Hexagon Lincoln, says the majority of CNG transit buses in North America use its Type 4 fuel tanks. The multiyear agreement presents an estimated overall delivery value of $45 million.

“Our companies have a 20 year history of working together,” said Raul Ramirez, Director of Strategic Sourcing, New Flyer Industries. “We are pleased to have Hexagon Composites as our preferred supplier for CNG tanks and ancillary products. We are working together to implement new technologies to improve the value proposition for our customers.”

“Our team is providing valuable support to help engineer a more efficient system with new product offerings for these vehicles,” said Chet Dawes, Vice President of CNG Automotive Products, Hexagon Composites. “This agreement is a reflection of the dedication and long-term collaboration between our companies.”