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CNG Source to Deliver Advanced CNG Infrastructure Project in Mexico


CNG Source is formalizing a deal with V-Energia for a large public CNG station to be built in Mexico. The station will be a high-capacity station with the ability to service both the vehicular as well as the virtual pipeline industry. The station will feature four compressors driven by natural gas engines, providing high performance and a low cost of operation.

The vehicle side of the station will feature the latest dispensers based on a custom version of CNG Source’s Triumph model. The dispensers include the proprietary Tank-Sense technology, which allows for an accurate temperature compensated fill. The fueling hoses will provide both NGV1 and NGV2 options for each position.

The V-Energia group operates several gas stations under the Pemex brand, maintains a fleet management company, and also manufacture and provide wet-fuel dispensers to the Mexican market.