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Alkane Truck Company to Assemble Class 7 CNG Trucks in North Carolina

Alkane Truck Company, based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, will begin assembly operations in early 2016 for their Class 7 Cab-Over truck powered by CNG. The announcement comes after Alkane completed compliance to the U.S. Department of Transportation standards and regulations.

All the truck components are out-sourced to existing American manufacturers and assembled per order in their Summerville, South Carolina facility. The Alkane distribution program uses established fleet operators and heavy-duty truck dealerships to sell and service the trucks. Over 130 dealership locations across North America have signed an MOU for the program and Alkane plans to add an additional 200 dealerships. The assembly facility will employ more than 300 automotive technicians once it reaches full capacity.

Class 7 trucks are primarily used for inter-city operations due to their tight turning radius and maneuverability. They are used for various applications such as box, propane, beverage, and other delivery truck applications.

The Alkane Class 7 Cab-Over truck comes equipped with a Power Solutions International (PSI) 8.8L big block engine with a durability-tested Bi-Phase Technologies CNG or propane fuel system and is complemented by the Allison 2500 series heavy duty automatic transmission. Alkane Truck Company has additional automotive products in its development pipeline including a Class 8 CNG or LNG long haul truck.