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FTA $22.5 Million for Low or No Emission Transit Buses

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) recently announced the availability of $22.5 million in discretionary funds for low or no emission transit buses. Of that amount, a minimum of $3 million is available for supporting facilities and related equipment.  To be considered eligible, requests involving buses should result in the deployment of at least five new transit buses.  Proposals involving facilities should similarly support at least five buses. Buses must be production transit buses that are used to provide public transportation.  The buses must satisfy the zero-emission bus, or the low emission bus definitions.  FTA defines low emission bus as any transit bus that is powered by an engine that produces lower non-methane hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen than are legally permitted under EPA’s engine standards.  Infrastructure projects can include constructing or leasing facilities, as well as rehabilitating or improving a facility used to accommodate low or no emission buses.  Applications for funding are due by November 23. The FTA notice is available here.